Egg and Embryo Freezing:

Taking eggs from the stimulated ovaries and freezing them for future use is a way to preserve fertility for female patients who are older than 13 years of age. The process is not as simple as sperm banking for boys, as ovaries needs stimulation with injectable gonadotropins (hormones) for approximately 10-12 days to grow multiple eggs before eggs can be extracted. This procedure requires a very short general anesthesia approximately 15 minutes. To avoid estrogen levels from becoming high, drugs called aromatase inhibitors are used for women with estrogen-sensitive cancers. Not all females are able to participate as it depends on the diagnosis and whether treatment can be safely delayed. The collection and freezing of unfertilized eggs is called egg freezing. If the patient is married or has a partner, it is possible to create an embryo by fertilizing her egg with the sperm of her husband or partner and freeze it for future use.