The Society has the following categories of membership

  1. Life Members
  2. Ordinary Members
  3. Non Resident life members
  4. Corporate members – annual or life
  5. Honorary
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Founder members: Shall consist of those individuals who, because of their qualifications and achievements came together to form the society. The founder members shall also be Life Members upon payment of the required initiation fees and dues as provided herein. The name of the founder members would be displayed/ printed on the official letterhead and official documents.

Life Members: Any eligible member who pays the required subscription fee for life membership.

Honorary Members : Persons who have distinguished themselves as scholars, executives, administrators or otherwise attained eminence in public life, and are interested in furtherance of the objects and activities of the Society including the professionals and who are invited by the Governing Council, shall be enrolled as Honorary Members for such period as may be decided by the Society.

Corporate Members: This will be open to those persons who represent interested companies, firms or other organizations interested in the activities & objects of the Society. They can become annual or life members.

Non resident life members: Any person not residing in India , irrespective of nationality and who is otherwise eligible to be admitted as member and having sufficient professional competence in the field of infertility may apply for this membership .

Eligibility Criteria: The membership shall be open to physicians or scientists in the fields of fertility preservation, ART, Reproductive endocrinology, Oncology (surgical & medical), Paediatric oncology, Haematology, Urology, Andrology, Paediatrics, Genetics and Gynaecology. Both life & ordinary membership is open to persons with these qualifications. Eligible candidate should hold a post-graduate degree or should be doing PG in the above fields.

Fee structure : Life members - INR 5,900/- (Inclusive of GST)
Annual members - INR 1,770/- (Inclusive of GST)
Corporate Life Membership - INR 1,77,000/- (Inclusive of GST)
Corporate Annual Membership - INR 35,400/- (Inclusive of GST)-
Non Resident Life Members - USD 500

Executive Members:

  1. Dr. Lavanya Kiran
  2. Dr. Priya Selvaraj
  3. Dr. G Buvaneswari
  4. Dr. Rajapriya Ayyappan
  5. Dr. KM Kundavi
  6. Dr. Shobhana Patted
  7. Dr. Ila Gupta
  8. Dr. Jasneet Kaur
  9. Dr. Shreyas Padgaonkar
  10. Dr. Sujata kar
  11. Dr. Neena Malhotra
  12. Dr. Deepa Khobragade
  13. Dr. Ritu Jain