Our Vision

To promote active interaction between reproductive medicine specialists, oncologists, paediatricians, urologists, gynaecologists, family physicians, clinical psychologists and patients in order to optimize patient's reproductive health expectations and quality of life related to fertility.

All patients receiving the reproductive information, referrals and decision-making support that they need from their healthcare professionals to protect and achieve their individual fertility and parenthood goals.


  1. To promote the science and practice of fertility preservation in India.
  2. To sensitize oncologists, paediatricians, urologists, surgeons, gynaecologists, family physicians, clinical psychologists and patients regarding fertility preservation options and to provide tools and resources for the same.
  3. Promote regular, healthy and active interaction between clinicians, psychologists and patients to enable patients to make voluntary, informed and supported decisions about their fertility options.
  4. Work with healthcare professional of various fields to create a timely and effective referral system to ensure delivery of appropriate fertility preservation information, counselling as well as services to their patients.
  5. Raise awareness of the ongoing need for fertility preservation research and patient services.